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Custom Blockchain Development & Smart Contracts

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Investor’s Vault

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Support & Community Building

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Software Development & Services

We help our clients understand the Blockchain-based technology landscape, its value proposition, and its potential business implications. We have experience building Blockchain solutions for both Enterprise clients, small/medium sized businesses, and start-ups.

With offices located around the global, we have the ability to provide clients the ability to have 24 hours of development done daily, using a combination of offshore resources, and US based resources.

Blockchain development

Blockchain development:

We have a highly skilled team of in-house Blockchain developers that can work on your existing Blockchain project, or create custom Blockchain/ Distributed ledger applications in accordance with your business needs. For companies looking to Tokenize their Blockchain Application, we can help Architect and develop your own Cryptocurrency.

Blockchain POC/MVP Definition & Technical Solution Design

Blockchain POC/MVP
Definition & Technical Solution Design:

For corporate clients that want to develop a POC, we architect it with the goal of optimized efficiencies. We also consider the number of internal resources dedicated to the project, and budget allocated.

For MVP development, we focus on the aspect of the application that will demonstrate the largest value proposition that Blockchain brings to the business model.

Smart contract development and audit

Smart contract development and audit:

Hyperledger and Ethereum smart contract development and audit. Ethereum smart contract development with off-blockchain import/export capabilities.

Use Case/Strategy

Use Case/Strategy:

Evaluate Blockchain applicability, and analyze various use cases to identify the ideal scope for an initial POC/MVP, and what are the potential positive/negative business impacts.

POC/MVP Development


We have a large development team that enables us to take on large POC/MVP projects, and continue to work on other projects simultaneously. Our developers have experience working with multiple Blockchain technologies, and we have expertise working in hosted environments that are secure, and cost effective.

For MVP development, we architect it for rapid development, and the number of features we can code are determined by the budget and timeline of the project. We focus on providing an MVP that will impress ICO investors, and demonstrate your ability to deliver on the technology described in your WhitePaper.

Blockchain Workshops/Training

Blockchain Workshops/Training:

Hands-on Blockchain training, advanced training for both developers and executives/management. Our partnership with Blockchain training firms enables us to offer certification courses in Blockchain.

Hi-end Team

Development Core

  • MultiChain
  • Hyperledger
  • Ethereum


  • API's
  • Integrations
  • Architecture
  • Back-end


  • iOS Native
  • Android Native
  • React Hybrid
  • Ionic Hybrid


  • Laravel 5 & Symphony
  • Fullstack Frontend

Investor’s Vault

Investors Vault is a platform that allows your company to run and manage a crowdfunding campaign (ICO, TGE, etc.) campaign in accordance with your chosen token structure.

The Vault is a custom software that enables you to accept three most popular cryptocurrencies (XBT, ETH, LTC). There's is still a lot of first time cryto investors, the Vault allows you to manually process and account for Fiat currency investments.

The Vault is customizable, and supports all your token stages (private pre-sale, public pre-sale, etc.). Each stage is customized to your specifications to include dates, token price, hardcap, bonus %.

  • User registration and management
  • Management of multiple ICO stages (soft/hard cap, token price)
  • Statistics and Reports
  • KYC and AML integration
  • Compliance rules within the chosen token logic
  • Dynamic exchange rates (through Bittrex and Coinbase integration)
  • Multi-Currency processing and accounting (XBT, ETC, LTC, Fiat)
  • Built in Security, and Cold Storage options

Customizable ICO launch & Token Management Platform

Investor’s Vault

Marketing Services

Investor’s Vault API
Investor’s Vault API and
a trigger system:

Designed to integrate external marketing services and to use its own extensive feature set like email chains, trigger system that allows to interact with investor increasing chances of positive decision about investment.

ICO Listing Service
ICO Listing

Coverage in 20+ ICO Listing Services;

Online Media Presence
Online Media

Coverage in 150+ online media, influencers, Blockchain enthusiasts and evangelists;


Traffic and Community are key components to a successful campaign.

We have developed an industry leading RTB (real-time bidding) platform, which enables us to provide you with high-quality traffic. Traffic is dynamic and changes daily according to market price, conditions, audience, and geography. We have highly experience Traffic Managers that run your campaign, and they work with your marketing team to maximize them. We have forged strong relationships with CPA/CPC networks, and are able to bring traffic from Google, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Reddit, and other channels.

Traffic Services

Access to RTB allows us to procure traffic products on demand, and at the best prices on the market. The traffic from Google, Facebook, Instagram and retargeting/remarketing allows you to get high quality traffic that helps you get the best conversion ratios.

CPA /CPC networks allows us to organize a predictable flow of traffic for advertised pages. Precision targeting by geography, gender, age, demands, interests, etc.

Support / Community Building

We provide a remote group of dedicated support operations that learns your business model, messaging, and keeps current with all aspects of your ICO. You will have a dedicated team that will provide Level 1 support, and answer Q&A's on your website, and all official communities you want supported.

English and Russian language support comes standard, and we also offer the option to provide support in 7 other languages.

Our multilingual team of PR and Marketing professionals ensure that you engage with your target audience on multiple channels/platforms, and work in concert with the Level 1 support team.

Management Team

Daniel Sloan
Sr. VP Blockchain Services & Investments & Co-Founder
22 year of experience in the Information Technology Services. Co-Founder and Senior VP of Blockchain Consulting and Investments at BlockchainSaw, Founder of Seasoned Talent Staffing Agency.
Max Gavriuk
CTO & Co-Founder
Over 15 years of experience in software development and management. CIO of OmniSynapse, CTO at NAU
Matthew Loughran
Head of Media/PR
Matt heads up Media/PR for BlockchainSaw. A regular business article contributor to BTC Magazine, Cryptovest, Matt is also acting CMO in multiple token sales.


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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to develop a Blockchain MVP so I can do an ICO...can you help?
Yes, we have extensive experience developing Blockchain MVP’s, and PoC’s. Here’s a summary of our capabilities statement that will give you a high level summary of our experience, and the Blockchain’s we work with.
I need help with launching an ICO...can you help.
Yes, we work with a number of partners who have launched successful ICO’s, and have helped us launch successful ICO’s for our clients.
How long is a typical project?
Depending on the complexity of a proof of concept (POC) or minimum viable product (MVP) solution, we can complete development within four-twelve weeks. We use the Agile software development methodology, which enables us to do rapid development.
What’s the timeline for the MPV development and ICO launch?
That depends on the complexity of the project, but as a general rule, an MVP can take 12 weeks -20 weeks.
We want to add staff to our team, can you help?
Yes, Seasoned Talent, Inc ( is the sister company of BlockchainSaw, and their team of recruiters help us staff our team, and providing staffing for our clients.
In which countries do you operate?
Our corporate headquarters is located at Pennzoil Place in the heart of downtown Houston Texas, but we operate globally. Our main development office in located in Western Europe, and have development partners with multiple offices in India.
Do you partner with Big consulting firms or compete against them?
We have found they provide unique insights based on their experience dealing with similar problems in different contexts. Big Consulting firms also look at the entire architecture of an enterprise client, and can leverage their experience to come up with a best in class solution. Our core competency is Blockchain Development, and we have a large team of developers that enable us to do a lot of the heavy lifting for the Big Consulting firms who often have more projects than people.
Can you provide technical and non-technical training in Blockchain?
Yes, and we also have partnerships with the major Blockchain Training companies who help us put together custom training courses for clients.
Is your team available to work at the client site?
The majority of our work is done offshore, so if a client requires an onsite resource, we will identify a local consultant in our network to work onsite. For projects that need to be developed rapidly, having a combination of US based resources, and offshore resources enables us to have a 24 hour development cycle during the beginning, and cutting that back to a 16 hour –20 hour cycle once the project has reached certain milestones.